Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the summer. As we get ready to start our meetings back up again and as we move into another year I am looking for some assistance with the group.

  1. Social Media/Interactive Media Coordinator – 2-4 hours bi-weekly, update Facebook Page and Twitter with group information and other news/tips/fun stuff. If possible could expand to other platforms and take over website updates. Volunteer would need to understand social media platforms
  2. Online Meeting Coordinator – 2 meetings a year roughly 4-6 months apart. Volunteer would be responsible for setting up the online meeting, introducing the speaker or Leading the general discussion. Volunteer would also need to monitor meeting for questions and be present for Audio/Video issues. Volunteer should have experience with online meetings or be willing to learn. Ian can assist anyone interested in learning it is not difficult (hey I can do it πŸ˜‰) Next Meeting will be in the winter, probably in February, plenty of time to learn how to use the program!
  3. Teen/Young Adult Engagement Coordinator – Engage with the teen/young adults in the group, keep rack of accomplishments like birthdays, graduations and surgery. Help with the planning and execution of an annual summer party to celebrate graduations and birthdays or other milestones.

If you are interested in volunteering please email Krista@rieds.org or contact me via Facebook or in person.Want to help in another way? Let me know! We are always looking for volunteers to help! We would love help with our facebook community, we are always interested in hearing about new speakers, whether they are local practitioners or other patients looking to share what has helped them on this journey. No job experience necessary 😊Thank you! Hope to hear you at our online meeting this week! Special Thursday meeting August 15th!Krista Brackkrista@rieds.org