April 2023 meeting

Tethered Cord Talk with Ellen and Kerry

Applying Ancestral Health Principles in Connective Tissue Disorders

May 2021 ONLINE meeting

February 2019 ONLINE meeting


2016 Tethered Cord Panel

RIEDS Guest Lecture: Jillian vanNostrand (11-8-2014)

JILLIAN VanNOSTRAND, R.N., graduated from Brown University, magna cum laude, ’76, with a degree in psychology, and also from Newport Hospital School of Nursing, ’83. She has been a professional medicinal herbalist, registered nurse, certified midwife, sex educator and counselor for both adults and adolescents. She is also a colon therapist with advanced certification and a 15 year private practice. She has 30 years of formal education, practical knowledge, and teaching experience in natural wellbeing and regulation, with a focus on women’s health. She will be talking to us about colonics and digestive health. For more information about the guest speaker:

RIEDS Guest Lecture: Paige Ramsdell (10-25-2014)

PAIGE RAMSDELL has worked with college students with disabilities since 2008, first at CCRI and currently at URI. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Reed College in Portland, OR and a M.A. in School Psychology from URI. She has presented nationally on ways to increase supports for college students with disabilities. This year, she is completing her doctoral internship at Narragansett High School as well as the University of Rhode Island. She enjoys helping students with the college transition from a new perspective.

Audio recordings from EDNF 2013 Annual Conference


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