January Meeting, Neurosurgical Updates: Clinical and Research Progress Made!

Special Guest Speakers: Dr. Petra Klinge and Dr. Abby McElroy 

Dr. Klinge is an internationally renowned neurosurgeon and professor of neurosurgery at The Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University.  Dr. Klinge joined the Neurosurgical Faculty at Brown University in 2009 and is currently the Director of the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Hasbro Children’s Hospital and the Director of the CSF Center of the Brain and Spine at Brown. Dr. Klinge’s scientific interests include the development of advanced techniques for diagnosis and treatment of dementia, hydrocephalus, and tethered spinal cord.  

Dr. Abby McElroy is a veterinarian with special interests in large animal models of Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and equine neurology. Her master’s thesis explored neurologic abnormalities in a naturally occurring equine model of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, with a focus on occult tethered cord and myodural bridge dysfunction.  Dr. McElroy currently works as a postdoctoral research associate in the Rhode Island Hospital Department of Neurosurgery.


Saturday, January 5th 3-4:30pm

Warwick Public Library

Large Meeting Room

600 Sandy Lane Warwick, RI

Upcoming Fall Events


This months meeting is on September 15th

September is Pain Awareness Month and Chiari Malformation Awareness Month


On September 18th, a Tuesday, there will be a protest about the treatment of chronic pain patients. This will be at the State House,

September 22nd Connective Tissue Symposium in NH


In November Lara Bloom will be our Special Guest speaker. Our meeting this month will be in a different location and later than usual please read the flyer for more information! This meeting is on November 4th from 4pm to 6pm.

Happenings in May and June


Don’t miss our next meeting! In celebration of EDS awareness month and our 5 years together as a group we are having a party! We will have snacks, raffles, Dress like a Zebra contest, Zebra art work contest, lots of free awareness materials and ideas on how you can raise awareness this May and every day for EDS and Connective Tissue Disorders. If you’d like to help out at the meeting or bring food or drinks contact Krista@rieds.org


We will be raising awareness for Connective Tissue Disorders like EDS, Marfan, Sticklers, LDS and others as well as raising awareness of living a life in pain, at the RI State House at 2pm to 5pm. We will have two tables set up and will be talking to people about what it is like to live with a CTD.


Our neighbors will be having their next meeting soon! NE/MA EDS/Marfan next meeting is on June 10 at Children’s Hospital in Waltham Contact Jon to RSVP or for more info : Jon Rodis wsalmgcdjm@aol.com

The Marfan Foundation 5th Walk for Victory is happening in Massachusetts June 23rd in Boston, MA. All funds raised by team Zebra will go towards EDS research! To join or donate go to https://give.marfan.org/team/154314

Our June meeting is set for June 30th at the Warwick Public Library on Sandy Lane in the Large Room 2pm to 4:30pm




RI EDS/CTD Monthly Meeting April 15th 2-4:30pm at the Warwick Public Library on Sandy Lane

Marfan Foundation NY Symposium April 15th NY/NY


RI EDS/CTD 5-year anniversary celebration May 12th 2-4:30pm at the Warwick Public Library on Sandy Lane

RI EDS/CTD Awareness Day at the RI State House May 17th 2pm-5pm email Krista@rieds.org to volunteer


American’s For Safe Access May 22-24 Washington D.C.


NE/MA EDS/Marfan next meeting on June 10 at Children’s Hospital in Waltham


Marfan Foundation 5th Walk for Victory in Massachusetts June 23rd in Boston, MA


The Oley Foundation Annual Conference is June 24-27th in Memphis, TN


Dysautonomia International Annual Conference June 22-23 Nashville Tennessee


Loeys-Dietz Foundation Conference-July 6-8th in Baltimore, Maryland


Marfan Foundation Annual Conference July 12-15 Santa Clara, CA


Ehlers Danlos Society Annual Conference August 2-4 Baltimore, Maryland


ILC EDS Conference November 2-3 Toronto, Canada


Know of an upcoming event not mentioned? Email Krista@rieds.org

Want to help Krista attend conferences to bring back information for the group? Share or contribute to her fundraiser – GoFundMe

April Meeting


Saturday, April 14th 2-4:30pm

Warwick Public Library

Small Meeting Room

600 Sandy Lane Warwick, RI

Special Guest Speaker: Ellen Lenox Smith

EDS, Cannabis and the Cusack Protocol

Ellen Lenox Smith has emerged as a leading voice for patients living with pain in Rhode Island. Mrs. Smith brings a reasoned and compassionate perspective to the need for safe patient access to medicine. She was a former middle school 8th grade Social Studies teacher, master swimmer, and high school swim coach. Ellen suffers from two rare conditions. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Sarcoidosis, which causes enlarged lymph nodes and granulomas in her lungs. Both these conditions are currently not curable.

Presently, Mrs. Smith is co-director for Cannabis Advocacy for the US Pain Foundation, is on the board of both the US Pain Foundation and the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition (RIPAC) as media coordinator. She has been appointed by the governor to the ATEL Program, (Adaptive Telephone Equipment Loan Program) and helps with media exposure for the RI EDS Support group. She was a staff writer for Pain News Network and today writes for National Pain Report and 1000 Watts Magazine and along with her husband, speaks out to educate others about her condition and pain management. She is also the author of two books: It Hurts Like Hell!: I Live With Pain– And Have A Good Life Anyway and My Life as a Service Dog.

Mrs. Smith is a resident on a small farm in Scituate, Rhode Island with her husband, Stuart (and her Service Dog Maggie) Ellen and Stuart have been married for 44 years!



May 12th 2pm to 4:30pm

Large Meeting room at the Warwick Public Library located at 600 Sandy Lane Warwick

Happy Awareness Month! We are celebrating 5 years together as a group! We will be having two contests,

1. Dress like a zebra – come show off your stripes in your best zebra inspired outfit!

2. Zebra inspired Artwork. Submit your art/craft work with a post card describing your piece with your name and contact information. We will do a blind judging and have people put tickets in baskets in front of each piece, most tickets wins!

We will also have a 50/50 raffle with proceeds benefiting the group, snacks and drinks and lots of free awareness information. If you’d like to help by donating items for prizes and raffles or funds for the event, if you’d like to help set up on the day of the event (arrive 20 minutes early) or want to help with food/drinks contact krista@rieds.org

Upcoming Meetings!

Our meeting schedule for the next few months is as follows:


March 3rd Large Meeting room at the Warwick Public Library 2pm-4:30pm

April 14th Small Meeting room at the Warwick Public Library 2pm-4:30pm

May 12th Large Meeting room at the Warwick Public Library 2pm-4:30pm


Our neighbors in Massachusetts will be meeting next on March 11th! Contact Jon Rodis for more information and to RSVP – wsalmgcdjm@aol.com


TO STAY UP TO DATE ON LOCAL EVENTS CHECK OUT THE EVENT CALENDER – http://teamup.com/ksef9b75cbb080a6de/

Join us this Saturday as we learn about Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and talk about upcoming events!


Due to the health of our admins our January meeting has been canceled. Our next meeting will be February 10th, at the Warwick Public Library on Sandy Lane from 2pm to 4:30pm

We will be discussing what topics and speakers we will be having in 2018. We are going to try to alternate discussion topics and guest speakers this year. Come to our February meeting and let us know what you want to talk about, hear about or learn about in 2018! We will also talk about different medical conferences happening in 2018 and find out who is going to what one. If you aren’t able to attend the meeting but would like to have your ideas included you can email them anytime to krista@rieds.org


Next Meeting, October 28th

We welcome all of our members to come and share about themselves, ask questions and share tips and tricks that learned along the way to help each other make our lives easier and better. The holidays and winter will be here before we know it! All of the extra activities, change in temperature, bad weather can be tough for us so we will also be sharing ways to get though the season safely and with hopefully less stress. We are dedicating this meeting to you, our members. We will not have a guest speaker. We invite you all to come out, have some coffee and a snack, meet and talk with fellow members in a welcoming and understanding environment.